Why choose Card?

Is networking a priority for you? We can enhance your networking experience and follow up conversations.

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Unlimited business Cards

Have an unlimited stack of the worlds best business card at the touch of a finger. Link your LinkedIn, website, offer, portfolio, and so much more from just a tap on your Card.

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Follow up better

Add custom notes to Cards so you can have enriched follow up conversations and recall details you wouldn’t otherwise remember, even for people who don’t use Card.


Custom Card design

Express yourself or brand image with a customized Card by uploading your own design or using our design studio.



Your information is absolutely private. It is never sold and never used without your permission. We understand the value of privacy and we assure you all information is kept private and protected.


We’re here for enterprise

Do your employees build relationships? Do you want your company or sales team to take advantage of the most revolutionary business card ever? We have a corporate manager to make the transition to Card as easy as possible for you and your employees.

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Read This If You Want To Grow Your Network and Do More Business

  • What would one more client be worth to you? How much does your product sell for?
  • What would one more client be worth to you? How much does your product sell for?
  • Is networking a priority for you and your business?
  • Do you always want follow up details on the people you meet?
  • Do you want your business cards to automatically link to your CRM?
  • A business card on Card will increase your network generation dramatically.

    Even when they don’t have the app,

  • When you give someone your business Card, the app automatically generates their business card for you.
  • Every time you hand out your business Card, you are getting follow up details on your potential client.
  • And for that follow up, you can add custom notes to Cards so you can recall details during your conversation you wouldn’t otherwise remember.
  • Can you imagine? A business card and lead magnet in one!
  • Replacing your traditional business card with a Card is so simple, just sign up.

    Traditional business cards are old fashioned

  • They’re impossible to organize, take up space, and are super easy to lose. Card is the upgrade and the future. Show people you’re technologically advanced.
  • A study from Adobe found that “88% of business cards are thrown out within the first week.” If you’re trying to do business, this hurts your chances dramatically.
  • Card enables you to conveniently send your business Card directly over text or email even when someone doesn’t have the app. Then, it’ll generate their business card for you.
  • You can completely customize your Card however you’d like. You Card will look like a traditional business card. However, your clients will be able to call, email, go to your LinkedIn, or website - whatever you choose directly from your Card with the touch of a button.

    Do you have a pile of business cards?

  • For your personal convenience, all of your business cards will be organized into custom categories. You can throw away that disorganized pile because you can find any card in a category or instant search.

    You’ll have new advantages

  • You’ll have details in notes you wouldn’t otherwise recall. You’ll carry an unlimited stack of business cards right on your phone. Business cards will be instantly saved and organized, found via the search bar or category. You can follow up with everyone you meet, and have better conversations with newly recalled information. Even for the people who don’t have the app.
  • If your goal is to do more business, generate more leads, and close more deals, it’s time to adopt the business card built for improving these goals.